Asking Questions Product and a Freebie

Asking Questions Product and a Freebie

This post has an asking questions product and a freebie as well.  Asking questions before, during, and after reading is a strategy used to help improve reading comprehension and should become a lifelong skill for improving retention of text. Many students read quickly and need to be taught this strategy to help them learn to read for meaning. The free pages are included in the free preview.  The product is priced on Teachers Notebook. It is also my current giveaway on Teacher’s Notebook, and there will be 3 winners. On Teachers Pay Teachers, there is a SMART Board version, and it is included in my Reading Strategies SMART Board Pack as well as the Reading Strategies Pack PDFs Only product.

A general introduction with letter sized teaching posters is intended for large group discussion.  A teacher’s guide is also included in the printable.

Asking Questions Product and a Freebie

Letter sized teaching posters for guided reading small group time are also included.


Generic asking questions foldables for students to work with any book are also included.


There is a 45 page section with student work pages, bookmarks, cut and paste sorting, and stories to discuss. Many of the pages are generic to use with any text.


Finally, here is the freebie! The PDF has two foldables pages for the asking questions reading comprehension strategy.    free-sample-for-asking-questions-product-on-TpT



Here is a bonus free printable page not in the product or the product preview, also.


asking questions free printable page cut and paste

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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Free Set the Scene Preschool Printable Activity

Free Set the Scene Preschool Printable Activity

This post has a free set the scene preschool printable activity. I was happy to guest post on Pre K and K Sharing today, and shared a free printable.  The freebie is available for download at that post, at this link, or by clicking on the pictures below. This activity is for pre-schoolers to practice matching small pictures that may be placed on milk caps or not to familiar everyday scenes.  Small pictures are provided, or simply use extra family photos to make an individualized activity. Read my post for more information.  Thanks!

Free Set the Scene Pre-school Printable Activityset-the-scene-preschool-picture-match

Thank you for reading, Carolyn Wilhelm

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Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness and Guest Post

Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness Guest Post

I am happy to have a guest post on the Confessions of a Montessori Mom blog today. I reviewed the book Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness: Mom Stories from the Trenches: A Second Edition Monkey Star Press Anthology by Lisa Nolan and contributors. I also make a free Montessori inspired day and night sorting and matching printable. The post and freebie are available at this link.

DIY nighttime box to help with the transition to bed

day and night sorting cards to print

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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Free Cooking Story, Emergent Reader, and Game

Free Cooking Story, Emergent Reader, and Game

This post has a free cooking story, emergent reader and game.  Lois Caswell is back with a new story from the 1950’s about baking an angel food cake.  Well, trying to bake a cake anyway!  I’m sure this would be a wonderful story to share with children who wonder about the “olden days.”  Lois is the author of the Happy Frog Day story in the free printable included in a previous post. I met Lois at a writer’s group I attend and she has been kind enough to give me permission to post her stories on my blog.  I had fun making the printable and hope your students and or children will enjoy it, too.


So, first about the story.  Lois is writing stories to give to her children and grandchildren.  I thought she should share them with children everywhere!  One day she and her mother were baking angel food cakes, and her mother did not like electric mixers.  Lois had to not only gather the eggs on the farm, but also whip them into stiff peaks by hand.  That certainly took a lot of energy.  After all that work, later in the story the batter spills. She tells it best so click on the picture above or click on these words and the PDF will open here.

The game included is for players to collect enough cards that say teaspoons, tablespoons, and so on to make exactly one cup.  There is a game board, cards to draw, a cooking conversion sheet, and a score card.  Buttons would make good moving pieces.  A penny is needed as it is flipped to determine if the player goes ahead one or two spaces.

Children need many measurement experiences in the kitchen to help with math understanding. My husband says he can’t cook, yet he is excellent in math, so I think he just doesn’t want to cook.  Cooking is math!  The best cooks it seems find and follow the best recipes exactly.  My grandma could cook without any measuring tools after years of practice, and it is good to be able to estimate amounts. Teachers know it does help in first grade math and beyond. So you may not feel like actually baking with your child and I have prepared some activities that only take a little more than a cup of rice.  The activities will help the children get used to fractions in the kitchen, which will make them more familiar in math class.

Thanks for reading!  Carolyn & Lois

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Free Non-standard Measuring K Activities

Free Non-standard Measuring K Activities

This post has a free non-standard measuring K activities printable.  Did you know Hello Kitty is 5 apples tall and she weighs as much as 3 apples?  We learned this interesting mathematical fact at the Hello Kitty Super Cute Festival in Minneapolis, also known as #HKFestival. (Note:  I’m not an affiliate as always.)

Hello Kitty Super Fun Festival Minneapolis MN

The first stop was crafts, and this may or may not help you to make an Origami bow for your stuffed animal kitty, but here are the steps. We also made a chatterbox after meeting the famous characters at the photo session. For the picture below, I used thick paper to try to make the photos more easily understood.  I also recommend looking up a YouTube video and online directions.

how to make an Origami bow

The festival had quite a few interactive exhibits and activities such as writing to Hello Kitty, visiting her house, many photo opportunities, and of course the shows.  We used the app, too, and learned new things about the characters.

Here is a PDF with instructions on folding the chatterbox (fortune teller, cootie catcher) which includes a pattern and a blank page to print and fold.



The fascinating math information about Hello Kitty inspired me to create activities for kindergartners to experience non-standard measurement.  5 apples tall, and weighing 3 apples . . . such a fun thought to introduce non-standard measurement.

Hello Kitty is measured with apples

Here is the free printable for use with kindergartners or near the beginning of grade one. The CCSS are listed on the last page. Simple set up and materials will make these centers easy to provide.  Of course, just print the pages you want to use at home, for homeschools, or non-standard measurement activities

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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