Free Printable for Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage

Free Printable for Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage

This post has a free printable for Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage, a new book by Julie Anne Grasso. This mystery is solved once again by Frankie Dupont, the only almost eleven year old in the city of Maizon to hold a private investigator-in-training certificate. This book is the third in a series of crime fiction appropriate for ages 8 and up with more books already in the works. Julie has once again written a book to captivate elementary age novel readers.

Free Printable for Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage

In this story, student and adult inventors use recycled materials for a sustainable living science fair. The competition has a small prize for a winning student, and $50,000 grant to fund production of the selected invention. With so much at stake, entrants have to pass through a metal detector and X-ray machine. Of course, this event is being held at Enderby Manor where previous mysteries have occurred. In that setting an amazing ending is more than a surprise.

Sherlock is Frankie’s trusty dog, and his behavior is very helpful as always. With only seven students participating in the fair, there are a mere five suspects as two are the victims of the crime. Frankie goes to work using his magnifying glass and other detective tools after the crime scene is secured by the teachers. Near the end of the book the suspects are narrowed to only two, but the final conclusion is surprising and exciting. I’m sure children will enjoy this story.

My free printable includes circle the answer, creative writing, a cootie catcher, a word find, and a crossword puzzle. After students enjoy the story, they can do more detective work on these puzzling pages. I hope you will like this pack.

free-printable-to-accompany-Frankie-Dupont-Science-Fair-SabotageAs always, I buy my own books and am not an affiliate of anything.  This resource is completely free.
Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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Montessori Crash Course has Valuable Learning

Montessori Crash Course has Valuable Learning

This post is about the Montessori Crash Course that has Valuable Learning. I wanted to know how to implement Montessori at home, and this class helped me learn what to do. I am a long time fan of Living Montessori Now by Deb Chitwood, and have more recently met Jo Ebisujima from My Organized Chaos online. They are the teachers of a free introduction class as well as a priced Montessori Crash Course taught online. The actual class is 27 days, and I have access to the Montessori Crash Course Facebook group for a longer time.

Have you been seeing the Pinterest pins of very fun activities only to have some of them fall flat with your children?  The pictures look so fun and engaging.  I liked them all but found them confusing to apply to at home learning. This course really opened the door to my not only understanding more about Montessori, how to implement it at home, but also how to make sense of the activities I keep seeing on Pinterest and Facebook. I was just so curious!

Montessori Crash Course has Valuable Learning

My teeny tiny Montessori set up at this time.

The next time the free online introduction class will be held is May 11, 2015. I learned so much in just this introduction. The class is in just a few days, but there is time to sign up now. The 4 week course registration may be accessed at this link. I signed up quickly as I knew I wanted this learning opportunity. The fact it is online made it so easy for me to take. I used my Apple TV to watch, and my iPad to ask questions. A computer may also be used, as well as other devices. What was interesting is that Deb lives in the USA, while Jo lives in Japan, and they are able to teach together. They both answer questions during the course and in the Facebook group for class members, also.

The next They also have a free class about making your own 3-part cards often used in Montessori education. It only lasts about an hour and although I have previously made them myself, I did learn new information by taking the class. I love learning! Usually I sign up for courses as on Udemy, but take months to log in and actually take the classes. I took these right away.

These are some 3 part cards I made before taking the class. I hope to make some more using my new learning soon.

Montessori at Home or School: How to Teach Grace and Courtesy Book Review             (and free 3 part cards)
Free Montessori Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards in English and in French
Free Montessori Gentle Halloween Printables and DIY Activities
Free Montessori 3-Part Cards My Body in English and in French

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Series and Giveaway

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Series and Giveaway
Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Series 2015 | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Multicultural Kid Blogs is excited to announce our second annual Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Series and Giveaway! See our main page for a full schedule, and be sure to enter the amazing giveaway below! Be sure to scroll down on this post for some free printables, also. 

The giveaway starts Monday, May 4 and goes through Monday, June 1. Enter for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes!

Please note that there are shipping restrictions on some prizes. In the event that the winner lives outside of the shipping area, that portion of the prize will be added to the following prize package.

Grand Prize Package

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Series & Giveaway 2015 | Multicultural Kid BlogsThe Grand Prize Package includes:

Personal Tea Ceremony Gift Set from Gift a Feast
Includes everything you need to prepare and enjoy matcha, the tea served in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Enjoy being part of the journey of matcha tea from the temples of 12th century Buddhist monks to today! US shipping only

Calin Yang Doll from Pattycake Doll Company
For the parents of Multicultural, Biracial, Black or Asian children, finding that perfect doll used to be a challenge. But today all that has changed. Pattycake Doll Company is the recognized source for Black, Asian, Hispanic, Biracial, and Multicultural Dolls as well as Dolls for Boys, and donate 10% of profits to children’s charities. This month’s contest winner will receive the most popular Asian Baby Doll in the world – Calin Yang by Corolle.

Asian Kites from Tuttle Publishing
Kids will learn how to make colorful kites while exploring Asian culture and history with this easy-to-follow crafts for kids book.

All About Japan from Tuttle Publishing
2012 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award Winner! A cultural adventure for kids, All About Japan offers a journey to a new place—and ways to bring it to life! Dive into stories, play some games from Japan, learn some Japanese songs.

Hello, Bali from Kids Yoga Stories
Say good day to the magical island of Bali through these energizing yoga poses for kids. Join one of the Yoga Kids, Anamika, as you surf like a surfer, dance like a Balinese dancer, and sit like a monkey. Included is a list of Kids Yoga Poses, Basic Indonesian phrases, and a Parent-Teacher Guide with tips on creating a successful yoga experience.

1st Prize Package

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Series & Giveaway 2015 | Multicultural Kid Blogs

The 1st Prize Package includes:

Udon Noodle Bowls from Uncommon Goods
Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or lounging on the couch, this creation is ideal for udon, soup or stir-fry. A blend of a mug and a bowl, the handmade piece is contoured to fit snugly in the palm of your hand. Black lacquer bamboo chopsticks included. US Shipping only

Japanese House Architectural Blocks Set from HABA
One of the oldest cultures in the world also has one of the most beautiful forms of architecture. Complicated multi-tier roofs and ornate pagodas allow the builder to create temples, palaces or calming formal gardens. With this set your child can take their imagination on a trip to Japan in the safety of their own living room. US/Canada Shipping Only

All About Indonesia from Tuttle Publishing
A book for children that takes them on an adventure through one of the world’s largest and most culturally diverse countries. Along the way, kids are introduced to Indonesian culture and history, the food, the language, and the natural beauty of this fascinating country!

Fun with Asian Food from Tuttle Publishing
This Asian cookbook for kids contains fun and easy recipes that children will love to cook and dishes that even the pickiest eaters will savor!

Indian Children’s Favorite Stories from Tuttle Publishing
This colorfully illustrated multicultural children’s book presents Indian fairy tales and other folk stories—providing insight into a rich literary culture.

2nd Prize Package

second prize Collage

The 2nd Prize Package includes:

Sushi Slicing Play Set from Melissa & Doug
This elegant 24-piece wooden sushi play-food set is packed in a beautiful storage box and includes sliceable sushi rolls, shrimp, tuna, easy-use chopsticks, a cleaver and more. Sushi rolls make realistic chopping sounds when sliced! US/Canada Shipping Only

Countryside from Kevin So
An album filled with “heartfelt great songs, great singing and great playing…simply something you’ll love if you’re a fan of originality, melody, surprising lyrics and beautiful instrumentation, beautifully played.” Learn more about this artist and listen to samples of his work here.

Book from the Maui New Zealand series from Global Kids Oz
Enjoy a book of from this collection of New Zealand Maori Myths and Legends that every New Zealand child is brought up with in school!

Angkat: The Cambodian Cinderella from Lee & Low
In the first English retelling of this ancient Cambodian tale, our heroine goes further, survives more, and has to conquer her own mortality to regain her rightful place. Angkat—child of ashes—endures great wrongs as she seeks to rise above the distresses caused by her own family. US Shipping only

Summoning the Phoenix: Poems and Prose About Chinese Musical Instruments from Lee & Low
Including both flights of fancy and practical considerations, lively poems capture each child’s musical experience with a different Chinese instrument, while sidebars provide more information about each one. US Shipping only

Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds: The Sammy Lee Story from Lee & Low
The incredible true story of the first Asian American to win an Olympic gold medal. Winner of Lee & Low’s New Voices Award. US Shipping only

Juna’s Jar from Lee & Low
When her best friend moves away, Juna sets out to search for him with the help of a special jar. What Juna finds is that adventure—and new friends—can be found in the most unexpected places. US Shipping only

A Place Where Sunflowers Grow from Lee & Low
A powerful story of hope, recounting the little known tale of the art schools that offered moments of solace and self-expression to Japanese Americans in the US internment camps of World War II. US Shipping only

Enter for a Chance to Win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is a round up of free printables on the Wise Owl Factory Book a Day blog for this month.


Allen Say is an Asian American writer and illustrator.

First is a free printable for two of his stories that take place in Japan.  They are written and illustrated by Allen Say.  He was born in Japan and has won the Caldecott Medal for another a book he wrote, Grandfather’s Journey.

This printable has comprehension questions and answers for The Bicycle Man and The Boy in the Garden. You might not want to have children write out the answers, so these pages could be used as discussion guides.


My daughter traveled to Japan and let me use her photos to help make this A to Z Power Point with printables for 3 children’s books. At the blog post, there is a SMART Board file, a Power Point, and several PDFs. All free!

free-Power-Point-Japan-A-to-Z-and-PDFsA free printable at the blog post is for the book SUKI’S KIMONO by Chieri Uegaki.  Suki loves her kimono like a favorite teddy bear, because she loves her grandmother. Or click on the photo below to download your copy.

Free vocabulary printable for Suki's Kimono by Chieri UegakiCover of The Night of the Fireflies by Karen B. WinnickChildren in Japan see fireflies once per year, and a story is about that event is The Night of the Fireflies byKaren B. Winnick, and illustrated by Yoriko Ito. This is a link to the blog post with a free printable, which is an end of the school year autograph book, as teachers release their students at the end of the school year like people release fireflies.

The Story about PINGThe Story about PING by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese is about a duck who lives on the Yangtze River in China. The duck learns there are worse things than being the last duck to get on the boat at night.  If you know the story, click here for the free printable: The Story About Ping Free Printable Venn Diagram Work Page and Key PDF, or click on these words to see the blog post and freebie.

Kindergarten Day USA and ChinaAt this post is a free printable to help children understand the time differences between the USA and China, as Kindergarten Day USA and China tells the schedule of kindergarten classes in both places. In fact, the book turns upside down to be read from one point of view or the others.  Children find this amazing information! Click here for the free printable.

AAloha-for-Carol-Ann-book-coverloha for Carol Ann was written by Margo Sorenson, and illustrated by Priscilla Garcia Burris. There is a free printable for the book at this blog post, also.


Be sure to enter the giveaways!  I wish you good luck, Carolyn

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How to Access the Lessons Log in Page of Free Resources

How to Access the Lessons Log in Page of Free Resources

This post has information about how to access the lessons log in page of free resources on this blog.

Almost immediate access is quite easy, simply sign up for a free membership on the right sidebar of this blog. Once the subscription is confirmed you will be able to login.  Then you will not only have access to all password protected pages on this site, but also advance notice of giveaways, new freebies, new products, and sales.

This is one example of a printable on the free membership page, and it is about ordinal numbers. The writing page has the same password, and both will open when you open one.


Please do not send these resources electronically and have your friends also sign up for the news to have access to these materials. The artists retain copyrights for the art and although free, the products are not mine to give to any other online sites.  I do know my materials are illegally posted around the Internet and appreciate people who follow copyright rules.

Thank you for understanding!



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Betsy Bowen Minnesota Author and Illustrator

Betsy Bowen Minnesota Author and Illustrator


3rd Annual Booking Across the USA 2015

Welcome to the 3rd annual Booking Across the USA with bloggers from every state! The host for this event is Jodie at the Growing Book by Book blog. Click on this link for the page listing all participating blogs, and keep an eye out for her regional posts with more information during the week.

My post is about Betsy Bowen who is a Minnesota author and illustrator, and it has a freebie for Tracks in the Wild. This post is part of the 3rd Annual Booking Across the USA as part of the Kid Blogger Network. I participated in the Booking Across the USA the first year, and made a free Minnesota bingo game printable for that post. Be sure to scroll down for all the freebies on this post. 

Tracks-In-The-Wild book coverBetsy Bowen is an author and/or illustrator of children’s books, many of which are set in northern Minnesota. She wrote and illustrated Tracks in the Wild. Most of her illustrations are woodcut, and she also paints. The printing press used to make the woodcut images can be seen at her studio in Grand Marais, MN. Previously, I blogged about this and other books Betsy illustrated, wrote, or both. I blogged about Tracks in the Wild long ago, and made only a worksheet. For today’s post, I made some 3-part animal tracking cards that are Montessori-inspired. I did have plans to make “real” Montessori cards with photographs, but it was too difficult to find photos. Then, it was too difficult to find clip art for the Minnesota animals mentioned in the book. It is getting more and more difficult to find art that can be used on “freebies.”  So, the animals are just a scattering of animals and it was all the clip art I could find. Making freebies can be a challenge.

Here is a picture of the Betsy Bowen studio in Grand Marais, Minnesota.


Click on these words for the new animal tracking 3-part card freebie, or click on the photo below to download your copy.


Here are pictures of the tracking printable in use, set up on a Montessori tray and rug. The first tray set up has the children matching two cards.


In the next tray set up, the children would be matching the animal to the track (and word).

The rug could be used for matching two or four cards.


Participating blogs for the 2015 Booking Across the USA include:

Alabama: Ed Snapshots
Alaska: Incredibly Confident Kids
Arizona: Child Led Life
Arkansas: Crayon Box Learning
California: Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
Colorado: The Educator’s Spin on It
Connecticut: Art Curator For Kids
Florida: My Little Me (Me)
Georgia: Kathy’s Cluttered Mind
Hawaii: Storytime Secrets
Idaho: True Aim Education
Illinois: The Jenny Evolution
Indiana: Primary Inspired
Kansas: KC Edventures
Kentucky: Chicken Babies
Louisiana: Mosswood Connections
Maine: Country Fun Childcare
Maryland: Kerry Aradhya
Massachusetts: Mama Smiles
Michigan: Buggy and Buddy
Minnesota: The Wise Owl Factory
Mississippi: Bambini Travel
Missouri: Inspiration Laboratories
Montana: Kids Yoga Stories
New Hampshire: Elementary Matters
New Jersey: Just Another Mom
New Mexico: 
New York: Teaching with Grace
North Carolina: All Done Monkey
North Dakota: 
Ohio: Something 2 Offer
Oklahoma: Allternative Learning
Oregon: Cutting Tiny Bites
Pennsylvania: Still Playing School
Rhode Island: 
South Carolina: JDaniel4’s Mom
South Dakota: Living Montessori Now
Tennessee: Pragmatic Mom
Texas: Kid World Citizen
Utah: Teach Beside Me
Vermont: Kitchen Floor Crafts
Virginia: Mama Miss
Washington: A Book Long Enough
West Virginia: 
Wisconsin: Brain Power Boy
Wyoming: Teaching From a Tackle Box

book cover of the Big Belching Bog

Review of the book by Betsy Bowen and free bog printable for teachers

Back to Betsy Bowen! I have made freebies for other books illustrated and/or written by Betsy. Here are free matching cards for a book she illustrated, The Big Belching Bog. The cards may be used without the book, as well. This link goes to to the blog post about the bog book.

The book Big Belching Bog was written by Phyllis Root and illustrated by Betsy Bowen. It is a large and beautiful book.

free-bog-matching-cards-animals-and-plants printable


Free educational printable with interactive paper notebook activities and pocket chart cards

Betsy also illustrated a beautiful book about prairies.  Again the free printable cards could be used with or without the book, but I hope you can find a copy of this beautiful book to show your students or children. Here is the link to the Plant a Pocket of Prairie post.

The free printable has “foldables” or interactive student notebook activities (ISN’s) for the book Plant a Pocket of Prairie. It was written by Phyllis Root, and illustrated by Betsy Bowen. Another large and beautiful book!

pocket-of-prairie-info-photo-interactive-notebook-pagesAntler-Bear-Canoe-a-Northwoods-Alphabet-Year-by-Betsy-BowenBetsy wrote and illustrated Antler, Bear Canoe: A Northwoods Alphabet Year. For Antler, Bear, Canoe, I made a free A to Z printable, as it is an alphabet book. This is the link to the blog post. Click on these words or the picture below for this freebie. This book also has a companion song CD, Antler, Bear, Kazoo.

photo of a few pages in the free printable

ANTLER, BEAR, CANOE, book review and free teaching printable

book cover of THE GATHERINGFor The Gathering: A Northwoods Counting Book, also written and illustrated by Betsy Bowen, I made a full year calendar pieces and heading printable. This is a link to my post about the book on the Pre K and K Sharing blog.  This is the link which will open the free printable.  It is 88 pages, so wait while it downloads! I also have an older long vowels work page to accompany this book.

Free Full Year of Calendar Numbers Printable

You can also find these printables on the Wise Owl Factory Betsy Bowen page.

Thanks for reading, Carolyn

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